Janine Kathleen

Personal Leadership Coach

Personal Leadership Coach

Janine Kathleen

As a Personal Leadership Coach, Janine helps CEOs, established entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to master their leadership skills and align to their purpose while running more effective businesses and living lives they love and enjoy, experiencing the fulfilment they seek.

Using her psychic and healing abilities and experience you are guided to take aligned steps to find where you are and reach where you have always wanted to be.

Personal Leadership Coaching Programme

"Lead yourself so you can lead your world"

Do the following resonate with you?:

  • Do you ever feel stuck or held back by your past and past experiences?
  • Wondering if there is some repeating pattern that, if you could just release and shift it, would set you free to create the success you’ve been reaching for?
  • Do you ever wonder what your next level of success could look and feel like?
  • Maybe you’ve been wondering if you could manage conflict in your life and business more effectively.

It is in your power to create a more resilient life and business?

The Personal Leadership Coaching Programme is designed to provide you with a new standard of excellence in personal and interpersonal awareness, as well as communication effectiveness. It introduces a set of tools and experiences that will give you opportunities to enhance your short-term and long-term career success.

These are the “Three Pillars” I have developed to deliver my programme.

Wholesome Healing

Releasing & healing old patterns of working to become a cosmic creator that can move forward empowered effortlessly.

Psychic Guidance

Let’s explore your most aligned next steps – helping you tap into choice & possibilities for your business and bottom line.

Mindset Alchemy

Activating trust and confidence in yourself to master not only your emotions and be a more effective leader.
Personal Leadership Coach

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Janine was one of the first people who really challenged me to look at my mindset and to bring a powerful new awareness to the words that slipped past my tongue. She helped me become aware that my thoughts were always creating the world around me and offered practical ways to shift this. Janine is a wealth of information and a compassionate teacher.

She explains things in a down-to-earth way and recommends simple practices that are insightful and powerful. Her knowledge of the body is incredible. As a medical intuitive, I trust Janine’s feedback about my own body. Her channeling is spot on and her healings are gentle, but also extremely powerful. I would highly recommend Janine to anyone looking to uncover the root cause of their pain or for someone who feels stuck in their own life and is looking for a catalyst to move forward.

Beth Manning

One of the biggest things we still struggle with in this day and age is self-belief, owning our worth and being able to show up as the powerful beings we are. Not only has Janine helped me rediscover these elements about myself, she has facilitated a process of me being able to step back into my power – taking back the lead of my own business, my own life, my own relationships.

The tools she lovingly (and sometimes sternly) picked out for me has given me a foundation that I can stand on through all the challenges that life has thrown my way and helped me to overcome and start to thrive with true inner happiness. If you’re ready to step into your power and take control of your world, Janine is just the guide to do that!

Tanya Lochner

Janine is a powerful energy healer with the ability to reframe life scenarios to open up possibilities, manifestations, and self-empowerment.  Janine’s guidance will allow you to tap into the feeling of alignment!!! After several years of self-development, I knew I wished to go deeper than I was able to go myself. To expose my blind spots. Janine was recommended and on our first call, I knew she was the mentor to guide me in accessing my power, healing, and becoming the woman I wished to show up as. 

Janine will NOT do the work for you which I will confess I wanted sometimes! Yet, I later found had she done it for me I would have missed the empowerment and the tools I know have to lead myself. After my 3 month container, I continued working with Janine as I knew I would be able to continue growing and expanding. One of the best investments I have ever made in myself.

Brittany Siekierski

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