A Journey Through Time
Published on: 12 September 2023

Have you ever taken a journey through your memories looking for points that show the decisions, events, and synchronicities that brought you to where you are today?

I know I have. 

In many cases, I also got to pivot feelings, release people energetically and be very grateful for the blessings that arrived. Some of them felt more like a burden at the time and with hindsight, I mined the gift of them to step into gratitude.

Introspective much, Janine!

Mystic Mag interviewed me on my journey and what I help my clients with.  It allowed me to take a step back and re-examine the ways I work with energy, mindset, healing and much more.

It is very humbling to be entrusted with people’s challenges and pain and to help you move beyond your feelings of stuckness and helplessness into freedom, adventure, relief and what you feel is success in your life journey.

It is also an experience to hold space for someone, seeing where you can be, understanding your potential and the infinite possibilities available to you, and then guiding you to uncover what is relevant for you in the current moment so as to take aligned action.

You can check out the article here and learn more about ways of turning fate into destiny

From Nursing To Psychic Healing

It would be awesome to hear what impacts you on your journey forward.  You can send me your thoughts at hello@janinekathleen.com

Have a beautiful day, knowing and understanding that YOU are Magic and have the power within you to reach your dreams, create the vision you have for your life and heal those generational and karmic wounds and traumas potentially holding you back from being the difference you came to be.

Much love