A Lesson or An Adventure?
Published on: 29 Jul 2022
Personal Leadership Coach

A Belief

What is your belief around situations, normally uncomfortable and unpleasant ones, in life being a lesson?

Where have you been told that it is important to ‘learn from your failures’

I know that this has been told to me many times until I also began repeating it. The challenge is I did not feel at all comfortable with it.

So I began exploring it in my journaling time, when speaking with people and considering it when walking/running.

A Different Perspective

What if it is an adventure? 

What if it is life affording us an experience in alignment with the story we keep repeating to ourselves and others.?

It can also be a reflection to bring awareness on what we do and don’t enjoy having and doing.

Can we learn a lesson from it? 

Absolutely we can. 

When we are aware of what is going on, the implications of it and ways of shifting the experience around to bring expansion into our life rather than constriction, guilt and shame