Are You Getting Stuck In Hard?
Published on: 30 Jul 2022

‘’As soon as I shift my attitude, I am able to shift that feeling of hard’’

Open my diary to any page and you will see lists of to-dos. 

Not a to-do list.

Multiple lists of tasks to do. 

Can you feel the attitude of hard work in what I just shared?

‘’I am endless tasks’’ does not feel enjoyable to me.

I Am Power.

I Am Awareness.

I Am Control.

I Am Creativity.

These ways of being feel enjoyable to me!

The first step in the journal journey to recognizing what is enjoyable for you begins with awareness.  

  1. Gain an awareness of where you are in or out of alignment.

Your emotions and feelings are the guides to gaining awareness of your current energetic states – yes, plural – of alignment. 

The next step towards effortlessly feeling the Power, Awareness, Control, and Creativity that you are is to explore multiple angles of the experience you are not in alignment with. The route your journal journey takes may be noticing energies you are in alignment with and no longer choose to be. Asking these questions will guide you towards clarity:

  1. What can you love about it? Alongside this, what is being asked to be removed or done differently?

The last step on this journal journey can be explored two-fold. 

If your first two steps led you to clarifying the ‘’it’’ you were expanding awareness around is really something you dislike then this is an opportunity for conscious change. 

3a. Visualize, imagine, feel into what you would enjoy.

If your first two steps yielded valuable energies currently present, LEAN INTO THEM. 

3b. Visualize, imagine, feel into what you do currently enjoy.

Listen to E38 Are You Getting Stuck In Hard? of the Mindset Alchemy podcast to hear more about letting go of hard effort and allowing enjoyable effort. 

Bye for now!