Are You Living Life by Design?
Published on: 5 Dec 2022
Personal Leadership Coach

My body proved the phrase, ignorance is bliss, inaccurate.

I chose to be ignorant of my psychic abilities, body’s needs, and my heart whispers.

Body pointed this out to me in very uncomfortable ways!

A few being:

  • Oedema and tripling my bodyweight 
  • Waking in the morning with my eyes gummed closed
  • Blood sugar challenges

These – among others – were communications of living out of alignment with the natural design of who I am. 

My response of, ‘’But I do not know who I am,’’ was called out through these bodily manifestations which were not blissful.

Are you aware the body is a communication avenue of your soul?

Perhaps you know this yet do not know what to do with this knowing…

A great place to start is with a nice pen and blank paper.

Journal Journey:

  • Describe in as much detail as possible what it is like living in your body.
  • Are you able to identify judgements you have about your body from your description?
  • Who would you be without these judgements?
  • Are you able to identify a message being communicated from your soul through the body?
  • What is one action step possible for you in the next week to respond to this current message?

When I began learning how to listen to my body, successful healing became available for me. 

Listen to E49 Are You Living Life by Design? for deeper insight into this magic of mindset. 

Bye for now!