Are You Ready for Success?
Published on: 26 Sep 2022
Personal Leadership Coach

When fears are unconsciously cycling through our body they can feel as big as us – if not bigger!

Being aware of the fearful thoughts and feelings present within switches this dynamic. 

This is where your pen and journal come in handy…

‘’Write what disturbs you, what you fear, 

what you have not been willing to speak about. 

Be willing to be split open.’’

-Natalie Goldberg

A journal is a space where thoughts become words:

You are bigger than the words.

A journal is a space where the inner world becomes tangible:

You are bigger than the page.

Grounding thoughts and feelings in to your journal allows you to become bigger than the fear.

Then we tear that page out and burn it!

Following on a clean page; choose which thoughts feel serving to be cycling through your body.

Journal Journey

Hello Cycle of Anger/Sadness/Rage/Confusion/Bitterness/Whatever is Present for You

  • What are you here for?
  • Are you helping me?
  • Are you keeping me stuck?
  • Where can you help me BE effortlessly?


Listen to E43 Are You Ready for Success? Mindset Alchemy podcast to hear which fears I chose to release from cycling through my body and life.

Bye for now!