Change Is In The Question
Published on: 30 Jul 2022

‘’There is no right, no wrong, just forward.’’

I have never liked cooking.

 Any and every distraction would leave the kids yelling, ‘’Mom! You’re burning something.’’ 

Raising my children to be honest about their food preferences led to my daughter saying, ‘’My smoothie reached up and tried to eat the spoon. I am NOT having that again.’’

And that was something I stayed in the kitchen for!

I looked at the opportunity for change and asked, ‘’How do I create more with you, through you, and alongside you?’’

I chose to take one, small step forward. 

Changing the paradigm of cooking to crafting and creating meals

Suddenly, I combined ingredients that tasted delicious, food became a meal, and received positive feedback from the family. 

You may be reading along thinking, ‘’Janine, life is forcing me to change I’m not asking it to.’’

Humans are nature. We are one with nature. We have seasons in Life that leaves the only constant experience is change. 

The unknowns of change can be daunting when our self-esteem says, ‘’Will I know what to do? How will I know what to do? Will I be good enough?’’

I cried, ‘’How will I know what to do?’’ when my dad died. 

I mourned, ‘’Will I know what to do?’’ when my nest emptied. 

I doubted, ‘’Am I good enough?’’ when I acknowledged my psychic nature. 

Change is constantly inviting us to experience more of Life’s adventures. 

Are you willing to accept the offer?

Perhaps trauma, beliefs, and unknowns limiting you from cycling through Life’s seasonal changes. 

Listen to E39 Change Is In The Question to further clarify what relationship you currently have with change. 

Bye for now!