Change Your Perspective, Change Your Client’s
Published on: 21 Nov 2022
Personal Leadership Coach

Change Your Perspective, Change Your Client’s with Jana Krizanova Interview Reflection

I had the pleasurable experience of interviewing Jana Krizanova about how changing your perspective allows your client to change their perspective. This can take the experience of your business from mediocre to exceptional.

A powerful question was brought to the surface:

Whose eyes are you looking through?

I would regularly say about certain people in my close circle, ‘’It was like we were in a different room when that conversation happened!’’

The interactions following those experiences became heated and judgemental, looking for exactly who said what. The question of who meant what was not present in my awareness at the time. 

This is one area where my fascination for the power of language was encouraged. Or should I say prodded with an emotional hot iron?

You see, I was in a different room in those conversations. I was in my mental room of personalized associations, needs, feelings, and desires. I was not yet able to step out of the heat of the moment and look into their eyes, look into their mental room.

The dynamic shared above did not create successful relational outcomes.

Do you ever feel a distance between you and your clients, leaving business goals unfulfilled?

If so, I invite you to dig a little deeper with the following prompts.

Journal Journey:

  • What does mediocre mean to me?
  • What does exceptional mean to me?
  • When do I feel mediocre related to my business/work?
  • When do I feel exceptional related to my business/work?
  • Where is it possible for me to see through the eyes of my clients?

Here is the link for E48 Change Your Perspective, Change Your Client’s Perspective with Jana Krizanova to further learn about the value of stepping into your clients’ shoes. 

Bye for now!