Commanding Your Brain?
Published on: 5 Sep 2022
Personal Leadership Coach

‘’I always…forget this…try that with no success…’’

Are you building yourself up or tearing yourself down with these two potent words:


Where has an ‘I always’ got in the way of I am choosing?

‘’I always’’ carries on the habit/action we are focusing on forward by imprinting the brain.

Do the voices in your mind chant statements such as:

‘’I always mess up’’ 

‘’I always get it wrong’’

‘’I always can’t do this’’

How can we rephrase this? 

What is the success available in rephrasing it?

Choosing where your focus is in the present moment is the empowering success.

As everybody knows – energy flows where attention goes! 

‘’I always mess up’’ is focusing energy towards shame, guilt, comparison.

‘’What action can I do to allow my end result?’’ is focusing energy towards openness, curiosity, and willingness.

‘’I always get it wrong’’ is focusing energy towards the past, judgement, and a victim mentality.

‘’What can I learn more about?’’ is focusing energy towards the unknown becoming known, growth, and alternative solutions.

‘’I always can’t do this’’ is focusing energy towards resistance, definite thinking, and denial of true power.

‘’Where can I do this in a new way?’’ is focusing energy towards inquiry, alternative viewing points, and releasing of what no longer serves.

Take a deep breath in, right to the pit in your stomach.

On the exhale proclaim:




One, small step towards transforming ‘’I always’’ to ‘’I choose’’ is a gratitude practice. 

Daily write down a success you are grateful for, wealth you have, and happiness you feel.

A success may be getting out of bed.

Wealth may be genuine friendships.

Happiness may be the sound of rain. 

Listen to EP40 Commanding Your Brain? of the Mindset Alchemy Podcast to further discover where and how you can choose.

Bye for now!