Healing From Trauma and Still Living a Life
Published on: 30 Jul 2022
Personal Leadership Coach

I interviewed a dear friend, Kayla Brissi, about her journey of healing from trauma and still living a life. 

Kayla shares personal moments and the feelings we don’t respond with when asked, ’How are you?’. Although trauma is not noticeable in the same ways from individual to individual, I resonated with a few descriptions Kayla described:

  • The impact of a father’s transitioning to Spirit
  • The constant denying and/or ignoring signs of intuition
  • ‘I thought I was managing…I wasn’t, I was a hot mess.’

A few more trauma signs unpacked in Podcast E33 are self-isolating, not facing the facts, rollercoaster eating, and disruptive sleep patterns.

Are any of these currently resonating with you? 

Remember, healing has periods of feeling great and on top of the world. Healing also has periods of feeling lost in the muck. This balance of life can create an image of ‘’good’’ and ‘’bad’’ – ‘’right’’ and ‘’wrong’’. The challenge with this definite thinking is every association in life needs to be categorized to a side. Every choice made with a mindset of good/bad is chosen based on survival. This means the dishes in the sink become a trigger for fight/flight. This can be very difficult to process when aware of how many choices are present during a day. 

Back-packs are full. Hats on head. Keys in hand. Phone in pink bag. Door closed. The journey begins! We walk inland, following the dunes higher. The horizon our compass. The destination is a picnic on the beach a town over. The sand is soft and waves are playful. Laughter and food, sunshine and love, nature and peace. The bags are packed when the time comes for the return journey home. Back to dishes in the sink, laundry piled higher after today, the natural chatter all business to-do’s, ‘’what is for dinner’’ questions and whatever else empathetically arises in your mind space. 

I could sigh in prepared exhaustion. I could begrudge cleaning up. I could avoid the tasks tonight and feel rushed tomorrow morning. I could do all that and more. 

I give gratitude for satisfied bellies. I say thank you to the space we call home. I give my Monday morning self a helping hand. 

I embrace the balances of my daily life. 

‘No one wants to feel they have no control over their life.’ – Kayla Brissi

 Healing modalities offer methods for you to reconnect with the control available to you. Especially, when daily life has overwhelm, stress, pain, and any other internal discomfort. 

Journaling is a valuable resource during the ebb and flows of a healing path. Simple contemplation and reflection upon a question is powerful.

A journal prompt for wherever you are in your healing path: what will allow you to look at your healing journey and embrace it? 

Please follow this link –<<HERE>>– to hear the full interview of Kayla Brissi sharing her journey of working through trauma while still running a profitable and successful business and successfully keeping her home and family running.  

Connect with Kayla Brissi at: https://www.kaylabrissi.com

Bye for now!