Janine Kathleen Bio

Janine is the founder of Janine Kathleen offering Personal Leadership Coaching and Psychic Healing. Janine helps you gain clarity and insight as she helps you get to the heart of what is keeping you stuck and pivot to becoming unstuck and unstoppable.

Using her psychic and healing abilities and experience you are guided to take aligned steps to find where you are and reach where you have always wanted to be as you learn to reset your mindset and heartset.

Janine Shapiro started out as a qualified registered nurse, midwife, and psychiatric nurse. 

Her love of learning and teaching now benefits her clients.

Her personal experience with health and back challenges led her to expand her healing practice using integrative, holistic healing modalities.

It was through this journey that Janine discovered her psychic abilities and passion for helping people like yourself to understand the impact you have on your business, work and life with your thoughts, words, and feelings and transitioned into helping you achieve your next level of success through releasing your underlying fears and limiting beliefs and healing what is keeping you stuck to move forward confidently.

Contact Details:

E-mail address: hello@janinekathleen.com