Published on: 7 November 2022
Personal Leadership Coach

‘Joyology’ ft. Denise Edelstein Interview Reflection 

‘’Grandma, when your book comes out could I have an autographed copy please.’’

-Denise Edelstein’s 4-year-old grandchild

I consider that sweet request to be a pocket of joy.

My conversation with Denise Edelstein flowed to discussing the awe and wonder children naturally express about the world and the teachers’ children are for limiting beliefs around experiencing joy.

This sparked a question within me…

Are you telling your inner child, ‘How it is’?


Are you letting your inner child express, ‘How it is’?

Denise reminds us of the magic within being perpetually curious.

An energy that allows for successful inner child healing.

Then you can allow yourself to become your own teacher of living joyfully!

‘’I’m not lecturing, I’m not teaching.

I am exploring and opening up the possibilities.’’

-Denise sharing about her book, 52 Pockets of Joy: A Guide to Discovering Your Life Purpose

Would your inner child describe you like that when it communicates with you?

‘’When you choose to be happy right now, from this very moment, anything you choose to do in life will be happier, it will be easier, it will flow, your creativity will get an enormous boost, it will free you from any pressures of what you must achieve in order to be happy and you can do it from this very moment. Be yourself, love yourself…’’

-Denise Edelstein

Journal Journey

  • What does joy mean to me?
  • What does joy feel like for me?
  • What is blocking me from joy right now?
  • What will allow healing energy to care for this blockage?
  • Am I willing to invite more joy into my daily life?

I invite you to listen to E47 ‘Joyology’ with Denise Edelstein for an inspiring pocket of joy.

Bye for now!