Money Mindset with Monika Zampa
Published on: 30 Jul 2022

‘’Money is beautiful!’’ – Monika Zampa

This joyous statement by interviewee, Monika Zampa, stirs an interesting question:

What is your relationship with receiving beauty? 

A previous self comes to mind…

’Pretty things are saved for later’, therefore, I cannot fill the empty pages accompanying such a beautiful journal. Flowers so vivid one expects to smell their scents on inhalation. Serene and powerful faces gazing back at me. How dare I mar this journal with my dirty, low vibe thoughts?!  I did not feel worthy of appearing in the midst of such energy in any form. Least forming thoughts and feelings! 

‘’I know what it feels like, inside, to be a beautiful woman and not knowing it, and not showing it.’’ – Monika Zampa

The energy of lack has a powerful connection for being open to receiving beauty. Not enough is a ripple that generates momentum into many areas of life. 

I began healing the wounds lack energy and I created. I began generating new ripples. Momentum built. Now the response when I pour my thoughts and feelings onto pages between art of Duguay and guidance of Alana Fairchild – I feel wealthy!

A plain burn journal is always handy for those heavy energies I intend to journal and burn. The burn journal remains sacred just in an alternative way. I can spew, rant, vent, go in circles, basically get it all out, and easily tear the pages out for transformational burning. Then I allow all the beauty I am to fill the awaiting spaces in the Lightworker Journal. 

Curious what ripples are being generated in your life?

Grab your burn journal or any paper able to be set alight with ease. 


  • Am I comfortable receiving beauty?
  • Am I worthy of beauty?
  • Is it available for me to be beauty?

I encourage you to take a few days exploring these questions. Once you feel ready, burn the pages and allow Mother Nature to assist your transformational process. Perhaps you wish to learn about other joyful and expansive points Monika shares in Podcast 34 Click <<HERE>> to listen. 

Bye for now!