Paying Attention Helps Dreams Come True
Published on: 12 June 2023

Pay attention to the dreams you dream at night and the dreams and desires you wish to bring into your life. There will be repeating signs and messages.
Set the intention for the awareness to be there and to understand the message they bring.

Transformation and growth are happening within you this week. Work with yourself and release the resistance fear of change may bring to you. Align yourself with the energy of growth and understanding. It may be an uncomfortable feeling, and this is okay. It is a great idea to make peace with your past and know that you are here now. Forgiveness is again, a key to growth this week. Forgiveness in the form of allowing yourself to feel safe rather than carrying blame forward. Compassion is a better way forward than blame and regret, even guilt.

Work closely with the Divine and the Divine energies within you. Allow for harmony and invite in joy with definiteness of purpose and firm focus on what you are choosing to create in a day-by-day way to achieve your intentions.

Remember, New Moon is Sunday, 18 June at 6.37 am SAST, so this energy will be asking you to be aware of shifts and shadows asking to be made and pivoted as memories surface this week. Keep the energy of good ones and release those that are uncomfortable and yet brought growth and, possibly, strength.

Have fun this week. Even with the New Moon Energy bringing introspection forward.

Fun, along with gratitude,  is a GREAT energy shifter.

It also aligns with joy; together, they help you create at a much higher vibrational level.

A win-win situation. This energy also helps when life gets a little sticky.

We are all part of a connected oneness and, when we understand the reverberation effect of our actions, we think a little more deeply about the energy we are showing up in.

It also helps us understand the power we have within to create at a low or higher vibrational level.

Our feelings and energy have an impact on the world around us in ways we may be unaware of.

My screensaver on my phone has the words, “WHAT IS MY HIGHEST CHOICE NOW?” to remind me of the power of my thoughts, feelings, emotions and words, as well as my energy and attitude.

It really helps me to check in with my decisions and energy.

Questions that came forward for journaling this week:

  • Where am I being asked to step forward and shine?
  • Where can I forgive myself and release blame as I take ownership of my life and actions?
  • Will this challenge/ fight/ playing small add to life or steal from it?
  • What is really happening here?

This week, allow yourself to see and feel below the surface of situations and your thoughts.

Choose to work more authentically with your inner wisdom and sense of knowing and listen for the quiet guidance that comes as flashes of thought, snatches of song, and memories of a paragraph in a book or magazine.

This brings guidance and ideas with a more aligned direction and actions.

Please let me know what questions you may have and reach out if you’d like to work with me in order to bring more light and satisfaction to your life.  Remember this is a general reading. So allow what is in harmony with you and release the rest.