Re-SOURCING Yourself for Success
Published on: 19 Dec 2022
Personal Leadership Coach

When we accept who we are AND who we aren’t,

we can step forward power-fully.

Fire is the only element of the five which does not exist independently of the others. 

Earth is a foundational substance of this physical realm.

Air is the life force flowing through the earth and its beings.

Water is the nourishment supporting life forms within this physical realm.

Ether is the space in which all of this potential is manifested.

Fire’s potential is present within lightning, lava, the belly of Mother Earth. 

Although the possibility of fire only becomes manifested when there is interaction between certain elements.

Re-Sourcing yourself is interacting with the potential of the infinite possibilities you are. 

There is a flame which exists in your belly.

Are you aware of how-to re-Source its power?

The elements which interact to feed your flame, stoke this inner fire, and/or oxygenate its embers are available in connecting with the Source of you. 

Create a moment of quiet for yourself and allow the below journal prompts to assist you in re-Sourcing this inner potential.

Journal Journey

  • Where do I require solitude?
  • Where is it aligned for me to be still? 
  • What cycles in my life no longer require being repeated?
  • What cycles in my life require being repeated?

I discuss more about the impact your thoughts can, and do have, to your inner fire in

E50 Re-SOURCING Yourself for Success

You may feel you do not have a moment to journal.

We all have moments full of thoughts.

I invite you to join my free group Conscious Entrepreneurs for support to successfully 

re-Source yourself.

Bye for now!