The Working Women’s Guide to Menopause
Published on: 10 Oct 2022
Personal Leadership Coach

The Working Women’s Guide to Menopause Interview Reflection

‘’We want to build a culture of care.’’ 

– Gail Gibson

I interviewed co-authors – Ruby McGuire and Gail Gibson – about their new book which originated from sweats and foggy minds to passion project come empowering resource. 

‘’…strategies and tips to help you move forward 

and recognize you are not alone.’’ 

– Ruby McGuire

The conversation brought to light a powerful aspect of mindset. 

Mindset influences the ability to have supportive communication with yourself and others. 

Mindset focus also allows awareness for what type of support is required in your current phase of life

You don’t know what you don’t know and biological influences are often such an experience! 

Do you understand ‘’what is going on’’ inside of you emotionally, physiologically, and mentally?

Do you know how to communicate ‘’what is going on’’ inside of you?

I used to turn from soft and caring to a rottweiler with lipstick when my blood sugar dropped beyond low. 

Then I learnt that my energy was leaking out to other places and my body did not have the physical resources to re-energize itself. 

My personal experience involved alchemizing my mindset to be able to acknowledge I required support AND THEN more alchemizing to successfully ask for support. 

‘’…stepping away from the medical, the scientific side of things,

 and bringing in very real-life experiences of others and real-life tips you can grab hold of and create those positive habits in your life.’’

 – Gail

Journal Journey

  • What phase of life is my body currently in?
  • Do I understand the needs my body has right now?
  • What beliefs are present in response to the above questions?

Ruby and Gail share laughter, inspiration, and insight about caring rather than coping during menopause in E45 The Working Women’s Guide to Menopause

I invite you to listen whether you are in this phase of your life or not. 

The variety of topics shared may lead to something you don’t know you don’t know about yourself and possibly loved ones. 

Bye for now!